Erlend Tait


stained glass
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  Forbidden Forest study 2   Grey Man Of Ben Macdui   Made Of Mountains   Maid Of Mountains   She Is The North  
  I Can See And Feel Everything   Fingers Pointing To The Moon   Misfit   3D Painting   The Orkney Hood, The Axis Mundi  
  Black Metal Head   The Setting Sun   Human (study)   Maiden   Anchoress  
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  Lancet   Where do you go, young seal?   Slochd   To What End?   Unholy Mountain  
  Rho   A Dark Island   Beneath the Dark Island   Into The Void   Sheikh Zayed  
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  Harbinger   Endymion   Noble Metal - Silver   The Descent   Ascension  
  A Silent Storm   Cagoule   Only Skin   Valkyrie and Wolves   The One Who Climbs Mountains  
  Shadow of Light   Prow   Grotto   Medieval Pamela   As Above So Below  
  This side of Darkness   As He creates   Shroud   Noble Metal - Platinum   Valkyrie and horses  
  Into the wind   Sword of the Deep   Valkyrie with ravens   Valkyrie and swans   The Brain of Ymir  
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